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Het landhuis op Langoed Heerenbeek

delights the beauty of nature

Buitengoed De Bollen is ideally situated for lovers of hiking and cycling. Not only is it in the middle of Het Groene Woud, and close to De Kampina nature reserve, it is also part of the Brabantse Kempen; one of the most popular regions of the Netherlands.

Start exploring at one of the Natuurpoorten in the region; the starting point for discovering nature, relaxing, hiking, or just being active outdoors. Or compile your own route: with the cycling and hiking trail network you can determine your own route and the number of kilometres you want to cycle or hike using nodes.

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Visit Het Groene Woud

No fewer than 21 nature reserves make up the nature core of Het Groene Woud. In every area there are unique things to discover and undertake. Typical for Het Groene Woud is the large biodiversity. Hundreds of species of mammals, birds, butterflies, beetles and other animals live here. An extensive network of cycling and hiking route nodes connects the many small villages.

On this map you'll see the entire area of Het Groene Woud. Click here for a list of the various nature reserves and more information.

Informatiepaaltje bij een bospad
Fietspeloton fietst door groene omgeving

cycling around De Bollen

Cycling fans may indulge themselves in the surroundings of Buitengoed De Bollen. The Kempenland and Het Groene Woud cycling route networks have nodes in the nearby village of Oirschot.

Buitengoed De Bollen has a bike rental for 10 euros per day per bike. Looking for something extra? Van Overdijk Fietsen rents out electric bikes and mountain bikes. Are you bringing your own? We provide locked storage to store your bicycle safely and dryly during your stay.

Ven op De Kampina
Paard op een bospad
Langoed Heerenbeek
Gedenksteen op de hei

a fairy tale world De kampina

Early in the morning, when the white fluff and mist caress the heathland, de Kampina is a fairy tale world. Along the way you may encounter horses or cattle. Kampina is Brabant as it once was. Here, you can still find wet heathland with fens, fragrant gale bushes, meadows, deciduous forests and blue grasslands.

Buitengoed De Bollen is close to the south of de Kampina. Here you'll find the brook valley of the Beerze and the cultural-historical landscape of Balsvoort.


a landscape full of stories

The hiking trails in De Kempen are clearly signposted and lead you right through dense forests, wonderful fens and beautiful heathland areas. Especially in the vicinity of Oirschot.

In addition, there is the rich history of the Kempen. Napoleon left his mark on the Cartierheide. The woods were the terrain of smugglers, and hawkers walked the sandy paths with their merchandise in baskets on their backs. The landscape here is full of stories.


a rich history

Oirschot is one of the most picturesque places in the Kempen and rich in monuments. The area around Oirschot is characterised by old cultivated areas that are mainly used agriculturally, and by natural beauty. For a long time, Oirschot was the capital of Kempenland and the Lords of Oirschot resided here or at the Ten Bergh Castle in Spoordonk.

Would you like to know more about the monumental history of Oirschot and what experiences await in and around the village?

Monumentale gebouwen

more information

There is a lot of information about the area. Below, we would like to give you some tips.

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Buitengoed De Bollen is located between nodes 13 and 14. No. 49 of the hiking route network also borders Buitengoed De Bollen. The Kempenland and Het Groene Woud cycle route networks also have nodes in Oirschot.

Hiking route network: plan your own route

Cycling route network: existing routes

Cycling route network: plan your own route

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